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The World has ended, but the party has just begun. Hamfam is more than a pig, more than a place - it's a way of life.

Hamfam, a humanoid pig with eyes in his nose - balances his public personna as a general within a dystopian heirachy, with the need to continuously party. He shares this self-imposed  mission with best friends Xeno and Dred, with an ever growing following of misfits and deviants.

Enter the World of Hamfam, the most surreal & crazy ride you'll experience through a comic!

In development comic and graphic novel concept.


Story Snippets

Vol 1 (1 - 12)

• Hamfam must walk a fine line between his role of strict authoritarian, within The Don's New Nation and his messiah-like following as head of resistance.

• A powerful artefact, which legend has it is the lost disc to the greatest game never released has been located. However acquiring it will require a series of ever complicating trades within the lawless Skyscraper Metropolis.

• The God's of the Damaged Realm are un-happy with the small village of Hamfam. Its inhabitants must fight to instill moral apathy, so their debraucherous way of life may continue.

Covers  &  Concept Art

ham fam (1).jpg
HamFam 2.jpg
The Boys.jpg

Comic Stores and Publishers

Partner to Spread the Disease

If you're a publisher or investor, interested in partnering to fund the development of Hamfam comics and distribution - feel free to get in touch, to discuss further.